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With each recording, the female fronted metal band MINDLAPSE, previously signed with HTT Records, have experimented with different genres, moods and influences from 1996 keeping each release varied and exciting. With dynamic female vocals and demos which have received KKKK in Kerrang Magazine and in the top ten charts for BBC Radio Rock & Metal charts with Chaz Carol, the band were also featured in NME Magazine and Metal Hammer Magazine. Having had interviews with the likes of Malcolm Dome from Total Rock Radio and stations such as UG Media, HFM, Misery Point Radio and having their music plugged globally, Mindlapse is on the way to a great musical career. Having performed at high standard venues including Rock City in Nottingham, Camden Palace in London (now called The Koko), Sheffield Corporation, Bradford Rio through the Under The Earth UK Tour with Cancer, Insomnium, Gutworm and Cruel Humanity sharing a tour bus with Insomnium, they also performed shows with various signed bands such as Napalm Death at the Under The Earth UK All Dayer, Skindred, King Prawn, Rachel Stamp, In Me, Kill II This, just to name a few. The band won accolades such as "Best Female Fronted Band" in England that was published in MRC and also Derby Telegraph, a full page spread in the Leicester Mercury, not forgetting their appearance on the Cop Out Compilation by Copro Records and the Tribal Sins CD by Empty Productions. The band will be featured in Ragebreed Magazine - Issue 2 and will be going on the compilation CD for the 2nd issue.


(Ragebreed Records, HTT Records)

Karina Sher holds all the rights of all Mindlapse songs as singer and songwriter for all past releases. Jimi Mitchell is onboard as guitarist and co-songwriter for 2021 album including new band member guitarist Michael Cook. Mindlapse are actively looking for a new bass player, drummer and a keyboardist so they can record a new melodic death metal album under Ragebreed Records co-written by all the members of the band. All their previous releases have been re-released under Ragebreed Records.

"The new direction of Mindlapse is going to be melodic death metal with prog influences too, we want something brutal yet dynamic and we will be creating a masterpiece of an album this year, and will be including tracks such as The Prophecy and Haunted on the new album but re-written with the new members of Mindlapse. Watch this space" - Karina Sher